NMWTRA Network Management

The North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA) are responsible for managing, maintaining and improving the trunk road network in North and Mid Wales on behalf of the Welsh Government. This requirement includes the delivery of functions delegated by the Welsh Ministers and which are prescribed under the various provisions of the Highways Act 1980 and New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 in relation to works co-ordination, licencing and enforcement in relation to highway matters.

A brief summary of the requirements are as follows

Works Co-Ordination

A duty is placed on NMWTRA to ensure that the network is managed effectively to minimise congestion and disruption to both vehicles and pedestrians as far as reasonably possible. It requires both works for road purposes and street works by utilities to be planned and co-ordinated to consider the impact on road users.

For an interactive map of roadworks across the Agency area, please see http://roadworks.org

Major Schemes/Forward Planning Information

Major schemes are significant Welsh Government and Public Utilities capital investment projects taking place on the trunk road network and include maintenance and public transport schemes. Details are provided to NMWTRA Network Management and local highway authorities for a joint co-ordination approach and can be found here.

Forward Planning Co-ordination Schedules (Link to PDF Document)

Roadworks Bulletin (Link to PDF document uploaded every week)

Highway Licencing and Permits

NMWTRA aims to ensure that the trunk road network comprising of roads and pavements are kept clear of obstructions and are safe to use. The Agency however recognises that there are occasions when the highway has to be obstructed, for example, building and renovation works on adjacent properties and frontages.

In cases where you need to obstruct the highway, you need to apply for a licence or permit to do so.

Examples of when this may occur include:-

Street Works Licencing

It is an offence for a person other that the Street Authority to place apparatus in a street, or to break up or open a street for the purpose of renewing or replacing apparatus, other that in pursuance of a statutory right or street works licences.