North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent – Governance Arrangements 2016

1 – Introduction

1.1 From April 1st 2012 the North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agent (NMWTRA) is responsible for operating and maintaining Trunk Roads on behalf of Welsh Government (WG). NMWTRA operates on the basis of a partnership between the 8 North and Mid Wales local Authorities of:

  • Ceredigion County Council
  • Conwy County Borough Council
  • Denbighshire County Council
  • Flintshire County Council
  • Gwynedd Council*
  • Isle of Anglesey County Council **
  • Powys County Council
  • Wrexham County Borough Council

* Gwynedd Council acts as Lead Authority for the partnership
** Isle of Anglesey County Council whilst part of the partnership, do not provide Trunk Road services

1.2 In order for NMWTRA to undertake the above functions it operates within the requirements of the WG Managing Agent Agreement (WGMAA) and a formal Partnership Agreement. The Partnership Agreement is supplemented by a Service Delivery Agreement. The hierarchy and interrelationship between the above organisations and documents is shown in Figure 1 below.

2 – Basis and Purpose of Documentation

2.1 – WGMAA

2.1.1 – By section 6(1) of the Highways Act 1980 WG may by agreement with Councils delegate all or any of its functions (including functions under a local or private Act) with respect to the maintenance and improvement of, and other dealings with any trunk road which includes motorways to Councils in order for them to undertake these functions on behalf of WG. The WGMAA document defines those requirements and facilitates the formal delegation of those responsibilities through a Memorandum of Delegation.

2.2 – Partnership Agreement

2.2.1 – The formal Partnership Agreement pursuant to the powers contained in the 1972 Local Government Act, Section 25 of the 1984 Local Government Act and Section 20 of the 2000 Local Government Act as being conducive to the discharge of the functions of the Authorities as local authorities for the purposes of the 1980 Highways Act, between North and Mid-Wales Local Authorities enables work to be allocated between participating Local Authorities. The Partnership defines the basis for work allocation in relation to capability, capacity, performance and value for money.

2.2.2 – The Partnership is governed by a Joint Committee established pursuant to sections 101 and 103 of the 1972 Local Government Act section 25 of the 1994 Local Government Act and section 20 of the 2000 Local Government Act for the purposes of governing of the Partnership Agreement and which is defined as “The North and Mid Wales Trunk Road Agency Joint Committee”. Proceedings of the Joint Committee are available on the Gwynedd Council website.

2.3 – Service Delivery Agreement

2.3.1 – The Service Delivery Agreement (SDA) provides detailed specification for delivery requirements from Service Delivery Units particularly regarding implementation of the WG Trunk Road Maintenance Manual requirements. The SDA has been updated for April 2016 to reflect recent changes to WG’s Trunk Road Maintenance Manual.