The A55 Tunnels are located between Conwy and Llanfairfechan and are significant engineering structures that were constructed in the early 1990’s to overcome the unique geographic challenges found in this area.

The Welsh Government is responsible for the overall operation and management of the trunk road tunnels and is assisted by NMWTRA and other service providers. The main priority of the Agent is the safe use of the tunnels which is undertaken through effective ongoing inspection, maintenance, safety improvement projects and contingency planning with the emergency services.

The tunnels are amongst the few in the UK that are subject to the requirements of The Road Tunnel Safety Regulations 2007 which followed as a result of a number of driver deaths in European tunnels in the late 1990’s.

The A55 Tunnels are:

Tunnel Name Length
Conwy Tunnel 1060 Opened in 1991, it is a dual carriageway in an immersed tube tunnel under the Conwy River estuary.
Penmaenbach Westbound Tunnel 658 Opened in 1989 this is a single carriageway in a rock tunnel bore.
Penmaenbach Eastbound Headland Tunnel 172 Opened in 1932, this is a single carriageway in a rock tunnel bore. NB. The EU Directive does not apply to this tunnel but UK technical standards and legislation do.
Pen-y-Clip Westbound Tunnel 930 Opened in 1994, this is a single carriageway in a rock tunnel bore.

Tunnel Safety

information for drivers using the tunnels can be found on the Traffic Wales website

A55 Tunnels

NMWTRA Advisory Guide regarding tunnel safety

Conwy Tunnel (A55)

Penmaenbach Tunnel (A55)

Pen-Y-Clip Tunnel (A55)